Sunday, October 4, 2015

Guess who's back...

I have really missed this little blog. Life has been crazy, but blogging allows me to stop and really take in everything going on with our family - -big and small.  So, I want to make an attempt to bring back the blog!

Boomer Sooner
It is football season in Oklahoma and we are raising some little Sooners.  We enjoy getting in our game day gear every Saturday and rooting on Oklahoma. 

Ford is obsessed with pumpkins and Halloween.  This is the first year that he’s really got the whole concept – which is making things super fun! He loves the pumpkins on our front porch and every night we go and sit on the porch and check them out.  I’m loving these moments.

                                                                PJs are from Target

We love building!
The boys are very into blocks!  They love to build.  I get a picture from daycare almost every day of Ford and his TALL tower! Keller enjoys building too. He also enjoys just doing just about whatever Ford does.

I have not got to write anything about Keller on the blog yet! Maybe that’s because once he arrived our lives really took off!  Two is definitely more than one. But two is perfect for us.  Keller has made Ford a big brother and fulfilled my dream of having two siblings who will love and support each other long after I’m gone. He is sweet and gentle, but can hold his own with his big brother!  He brings peace to our family.  With him we are complete!

Here are some of my favorites of Keller and some pictures from his first birthday!

First Pumpkin Patch



Camp Keller - Keller's first Birthday Celebration! He loved the family, friends and CAKE! 


First 4th of July - We celebrated at the parade and with some burgers and BBQ!


Keller’s first word was…NORMA!  He loves Norma Jean. And she LOVES him because he feeds her cinnamon toast and chicken nuggets.



And Keller really loves his brother!