Saturday, May 3, 2014


Ford and his sweet cousin Stella enjoyed their first pony ride at the Edmond Arts Festival today!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Review

We started off 2013 by welcoming Ford Michael Dickinson into the world.  What a way to start the year.  On January 10 our lives were forever changed for the better.  Everything changed. That little baby literally changed our perspective on life in a blink of an eye.  We were no longer just husband and wife, we were a family.  The real deal.  The nurses at the hospital actually let us take that baby home!  And thank goodness they did.  Because this year has been the best year yet.  

January 10 – Ford Michael Dickinson was born. It was a good day.
An EGG-cellent First Easter – Easter eggs, family time and baby sweater vests!
First Father’s Day – I am so thankful for Michael Dickinson.  I always knew he would be a good Dad, but watching him become one has made me love him more and more every day.  Ford and I are both very lucky to have him.

First Family Vacation – Vail, CO
On our way to Vail we stopped in Golden, CO. Michael was born in Golden and it was really special to see where he spent his first years!

Hiking on the Mountain

Dinner on the patio

Coffee with Al!

The US Pro Challenge was taking place while we were in town so we watched it in Breckenridge and Vail.

Last stroll through Vail Village

MOOOOO - First Halloween

First Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving! There is a lot to be thankful for this year. On Michael's side of the family there was a major baby boom so it was so much fun to get all of the babies together.

Thankful for these two guys!

Ford's signature nose scrunch

Always making me laugh

It is hard to get a picture of a group of babies! There were many bloopers from our attempt, but we think this one is probably the best = )

Baby Boom! All of the new parents and babes.

Ford’s First Christmas - Our Ford Man was definitely on the nice list!

Ford and Mickey.  Serious business.

Elmo was a hit!

2013 was a wonderful year and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings. We will be celebrating Ford's first birthday soon and we are excited to be expecting another baby in June!  There are always ups and downs through the year but we are so thankful that we have so much GOOD to focus on. We are definitely counting our blessings each and every day.

Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2014!